GolfBoard is undeniably the most exciting and enjoyable way to experience any course. Easy to learn, safe, and exciting, Golfboard can be mastered by most anyone in just a few minutes. After just a few holes, you will quickly agree that GolfBoard is by far the most fun you have ever had on a golf course.

GolfBoard eliminates the sedentary activity of sitting in a cart, while improving speed of play, reducing turf wear, and offering golfers the chance to experience the natural terrain in way previously reserved for surfers and snowboarders. Already embraced by Golf courses and players world-wide, GolfBoard is certain to attract a whole new audience looking to discover golf, but in a whole new way.

You have got to try this out. I was told there is a 5 minute learning curve for new riders so as soon as I trusted that I had the hang of it, I was off. It felt good going up and down hills and seeing what it felt like with a bag on the board. With the industry on the rocks the smooth surfing may just raise up interest. Its is also supposed to cut the game time by allowing golfers to get the ball and getting ready for the next shot. Combine this with SwayGolf dart board system and we can see rounds cut by 25% .

Las Vegas would be a great location for these I hope Golf courses pick this up,  SwayGolf may rent a few.