Holy Shit, Team Sway Reviewed this club and Left or Right Handed this club delivered.

This club scored an Eagle in Sway Terms it was unbelievable 135 and in it worked the green left or right. Spin was crazy and the solid feel you get and trust in not going over the green is worth every penny. With the Champ C8 grip this thing can make scores lower then ever.  Control was like being in the cockpit of a fighter jet,  everything about this club is first Class.

Some say that it is on the line of being illegal, but for that weekend warrior it is a must in the bag.

“#princeofvegasgolf” OMG this club saved me some strokes and I felt like a professional #golf player sticking the green and adding some spin .”

Rent with us and get to use this and when you get back home you must add this to the bag


5V Groove Pattern

39% larger grooves create 25% more spin on shots hit out of the rough

Laser Milled Micro Grooves

Laser Milled Micro Grooves increase surface roughness for more spin and control

hotlist gold wedge

2014 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal

“This series is the company’s most complete wedge line to date.” – Golf Digest