The golf industry is in trouble and the leaders of this industry have come up with a plan to try and appeal to a larger audience, the 15 inch hole or free beer.  The golf leaders make too much money because these solutions are a joke.  Why would you change a game that hasn’t changed in a few hundred years?  I agree that occasionally changing it is necessary for the game to grow. When Tiger Woods began to play, it changed the dynamics of golf in a positive way.  This would be considered a good change.  We are an industry that must dig its roots deep,  change the culture and make it friendlier to appeal to the vast majority of people.

I propose a solution to make the game more inviting to others, so that golf can once again be a loved sport by many, regardless of their skill level.   My solution of making the game easier is a dart board like system ( i.e Score rings).  Let’s say a traditional golfer,  a newbie and a guy that just came along for the free beer are out playing a round of golf.  With the 15 inch idea everyone will have the same easy experience and be able to play the game quickly. With the SwayGolf solution the traditional hole remains in place.   The newbie only has to get to the inner ring and the drinker,  the outer most ring.  With these rings in place, all three players are happy and the golf course can do the move of the holes like the game intended. Another addition to this idea would be the golfboard. This invention will also speed up the game and bring more people into the wonderful sport. We as an industry offer more 9 hole tee times, on full course not just Executive ones.dart