The new CHAMP FLYteePro is a well-engineered high performance golf tee with a soft shock absorbing color tip on a low friction 6 prong head. With exceptional distance and accuracy golfers of any caliber will see improvement in their game. Designed with a virtually indestructible polymer this is the last golf tee you will ever need. Available in both 2 3/4” (69mm) and 3 1/4” (83mm) translucent color options images (1)


We handed these out to a few renters and each wrote me about their experience  and the general consensus was great tees.  One guy said it the first time he did not have to go through 500 broken tees and surprisingly his drives where a little longer than normal. The other said great tees may start buying them.  The concept of less contact with the ball and the stronger polymer makes this a good choice for our earth friendly golfers.