Tiger Woods at the Masters

Tiger Woods had decided to come of his 9 week rehabilitation to calm the naysayers and answer the great call of the golf world. We have tried to move on from the days of Woods and move to the Rory, Day and Fowler days but the call of Woods nation is strong. We respect the greatness of this game with Palmer and Jack but none moves the Vegas odds meter like Tiger does. Nike and EA have done the corporate move and went with the younger buff daddy but remember one thing in life, life is imitated and Tiger was the originator of today’s golf game. At 39, he is a four-time winner of the tournament and yet has the worst odds at 40-1. Many people have lost faith, there is even a 5-1 withdraw prop bet. Do not forget that Tiger had nine weeks left to nurse his back and other injuries. If he was not ready, I truly believe he would not come back.

Tiger Woods (R) receives the green jacket from tournament chairman Hootie Johnson (L) 14 April 2002, after winning his second straight Masters Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club