Golf101 is a Las Vegas area program that allows new golf enthusiasts to learn golf without the large upfront cost of gear as well as the daily cost of going through your local course and renting your golf club set daily. Wouldn’t it be great to just pay a  a low monthly fee and train with the same set day in and day out?  This way you can got to a Pro status at your own pace.  You can take the Butch Harmon class youhave always wanted to, and  in the end if you decide  golf isn’t for you,  then you return the set and your done.  You can look back at time as fun, but you are not stuck with expensive golf equipment that collects dust.  However if you decide that you really enjoy the game, and like the clubs that you have been playing with, you can pay off the remaining balance, and will now own your own set of clubs.  Swaygolf will even re grip them with CHAMPS C8 at no extra charge. If you are the few that like upgrading every so often this program works with you as well.