Have you ever wanted to learn golf in Las Vegas but don’t know where to start? Swaygolf will help every step of the way with finding you schools, classes, and private sessions. We also offer month long rentals while you learn. Keep them for 6 months and we will maintain grips and replace if damage occurs from normal wear and tear (this excludes throwing and bending clubs) All rentals include free tees, markers, and a dozen balls as well as a deep discount for new balls on demand ( just pay shipping). At Swaygolf we know golf can be expensive but don’t let that keep you from trying a new game

And when you do fall in love with the game a percentage of your rental will be added to your set of clubs if you chose to purchase them. When you purchase them SwayGolf will change grips if need be. At sway golf we know the game is expensive but we make it that much easier.

If you simply want a set of golf clubs, and want to trade them every few months this program is for you as well.