Course conditions -1 which is a perfect score this course makes you forget your in Las Vegas. The views are stunning and the greens to the tee boxes gorgeous. The desert tortoise that greets you on the tee box puts a smile on your face. Stay out of the rocks,  light colored rocks make you lose balls, #princeofvegasgolf lost 12 balls but still had fun. The cart girls are friendly and make frequent rounds. The club house was phenomenal, and features a revolving door similar to what you would see in a high end hotel, so you knew you were in for a treat upon entering.  The golf shop is  large and has an abundance of trinkets available for purchase. Price for a local was $65.00 on a Sunday, we like to see lower but with the way the grounds are kept it was well worth it. Now onto our most important category Service +1 for the 45 minute trip  and cost you would only expect the best and that wasn’t the case, we had a rough start with a few employees who left a bad taste in my mouth.  There were a few good seeds as well,  but not enough to turn a cheek as to the level of service I received initially.   Even though this course did not make a Sway Certified Course it is a golf course that should be played as there are three available courses; Snow, Mountain, and Wolf . After the starter you are on your own to marvel in the scene of a desert landscape carved out by nature with a golf course as an added bonus.