Rory-McIlroy_4Rory in a prime position to make history with his father’s childhood bet and the overcoming of a curse in one of the greatest tournaments . The greats say the game is played on a  5 and 1/2 inch course, and this has held true in the McIlroy family. With the melt down of last, and the day two curse,  if tomorrow holds true, and history turns for the better,  a true star will re emerge and golf will again have the drama it needs to be in the lime light. Tiger Woods has been talked about so much that I thought he was winning the chase.  I tweeted last week  “Tiger please visit Vegas you must party and be the old you and see your old Coach Butch because you are truly sucking”.  I truly think if Woods listens he can gain the glory and be feared once more. Enough of Tiger. In tomorrow’s event, Rory has the match in hand.  Now can he keep Ricky Fowler, Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson off his heels?  It’s easier said,  then done, as any of these greats have the opportunity to take it.  Even though it is not the Super Bowl,  tomorrows drama will be better than a Monday full of Soap Operas.