HYBRID SHOTSant91d-145-46golf

chip and run


You need to pie-set a few changes in your set-up in order to execute the hybrid chip-and-run well. First, place the ball in the middle of your stance, with your weight slightly favoring your front foot. Secondly, choke down on the grip, almost to the metal (you want to avoid any wrist hinge with this shot).

Then stand as close to the ball as you comfortably can, with your hands a little higher than would be the case for a regular full shot.


Now, you need to swing the club almost as you would a putter on a long-range putt across the green. Feel as though the stroke is controlled by a rocking motion of the shoulders combined with a simple arm swing. Your hands should stay relatively passive in the stroke.


Executed correctly, you should find that the clubhead stays relatively low to the ground, back and through. You want to feel that the clubhead almost sweeps the ball on its way with a smoothly accelerating forward swing. You should find that the ball is lofted gently forward and, because there is no backspin generated at impact, it runs out toward the hole just like a putt. You may find you over-hit the shot the first few times you play it, but with practice you’ll soon find that it is easy to judge distance—-Various Teachers