What can I say? The meeting of top industry leaders in golf alone was worth a million dollars. Cascasta was a wonderful back drop for such a great experience and the staff of the course and PGA knocked it out of the park. I reviewed and used many different products that were available at the expo.

Swaygolfs niche is that we rent golf clubs and equipment to people who either don’t want to pay fees to get their sets to Vegas or Newbies that want to try this great game. When you rent with SwayGolf you will be using the latest equipment. Remember to tell your friends about the newest golf equipment, you were able to use with SwayGolf.

Follow me on The 19th hole for more reviews of products we used at the EXPO

If you have a product you want out to the masses then SwayGolf can be your platform with 40 to 65 rentals a week in Las Vegas.

** before you contact us, please keep in mind we do not bend our way of life and don’t expect to pass cost on to our clients we will not purchase items at wholesale. We simple let the guest try the product, like a everyday demo day. The Sway concept is new, but one that will grow the industry.