We score them a Birdie.

3 piece ball that features a Cast Urethane cover

318 dimple pattern

“Electric Core”.  The HL3 has our unique “Electric” core, a progressive high energy core technology to maximize C.O.R. (Coefficient of Restitution)

LightMark ID system to help in identifying golf balls.

The balls come loosely shipped and they offer a subscription service so you never have to remember to run to the store to get more.

Cost $29.99 a dozen

awaiting approval  USGA.

We offer these great balls to our members. Lighting Balls hit long and true.Price is great for that weekend warrior,  it will  last multiple rounds and the control and spin on these balls is up there with  other big ball companies. We at #teamSway dont think a robot can truly give you an idea of how good this ball is.  Golfers all have a  different swing and balls can help golfer more than another,  but theses balls do cover a wide array of swings from beginners to professionals,  this ball should be a gift or stocking suffer.


Lighting Golf Balls

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“Don’t let the HL3’s soft urethane cover fool you, when it comes to durability the SmackDaddy is one tough puppy.” 
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“The ball performs best with iron play in my opinion. You can really feel the ball compressing against your clubs.  Where the SmackDaddy really performed the absolute best was 100 yards in.  It had that same nice ball compression as with the irons and created a whole lot of spin.”