Golf View Concepts
We reviewed the products this week from Golf View Concepts and we had a blast. We had great Vegas weather and a great location that allowed us to review our products. The first tool was the Pro Tempo trainer that we used it at our favorite indoor driving range. Now Vegas is great for golf but there are some day’s that bad weather drives us to the Go Low Driving Range. So the Tempo Pro makes noises to alert you that you’re in rhythm. This great wearable audio tool. Some tempo tools sit far away from you and you try to keep pace but like dancing, if you don’t have it, it won’t come. The Pro Tempo, get one and see your game go below the 110’s.
Next we head to Tuscany Golf Course in Henderson to practice the short game. Your 25 yards out and you visualize the spot you have to hit and let it run from there. The To-It System gives you an actual target and lets you focus on the next shot. This tool will get you under 100 next round out.. So after you get the tempo and the target shooting, what’s next? It’s putting, so we head out to Summerlin at Bears Best for the most important game. We have the two in one hole reducer. Anyone can hit it in a 15 inch hole, and you practice every day on the 4 inch hole. Now reduce it to 3 inches and see your game hit below the 90’s. If there is no time to drive, this also doubles as a on deck putting hole allowing you to get that laser type putting by finding the window of opportunity and nailing your next ten foot putt.