Ball on a down slope

This is the toughest of all the sloping lies, because the down slope gives you the sense that it is very difficult to get the ball airborne. It is not imagined. The nature of a down slope means that you are deprived of loft, and it is all too easy to scuttle the ball straight along the ground.
* Make sure your shoulders and hips are as close to parallel with the slope as possible—your left shoulder should feel lower than the right. Place the ball back in your stance. This is a very important point. You will tend to want to put the ball forward in your stance, because it feels natural to generate some elevation from there, but this will prevent you from getting the ball airborne.
• Pick the club up a little steeper in your back swing with an early wrist hinge. This sets the club in a position from which you can more easily generate the necessary steep angle of attack into impact. Make sure you maintain your weight distribution all the way to the top of the back swing.
• As you swing down into impact, try to feel as though you are chasing after the ball down the slope, staying well down through impact so that the club Head follows the contours of the ground. Never try to help the ball into the air.



Try your best to maintain your balance throughout the swing –VARIOUS TEACHERS