How to hit it high


Hitting a high ball is probably not a shot you’ll need to call on all that frequently. But if you have an obstruction in your way, such as a tree, or you need to attack a very tight pin position over a bunker, this is a useful shot to know.

Drastic changes to the set-up and swing are not advisable. It is far better in this case to keep things subtle.

  • You need a higher-than-normal ball flight, so it is necessary to pre-set a little more loft on the clubface at address by positioning the ball further forward in the stance. And rather than the hands being ahead of the ball, as was the case with the low shot, this time place them level with the ball.
  • Now make a slightly more upright backswing, getting the hands high at the top.
  • The feeling through impact is of staying behind the ball, your weight just hanging on the right side a fraction longer than normal.
  • With the ball on its way, proceed through to a well-balanced finish with the weight slightly more on the right side than usual.

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