The laying off of almost 500 PGA teaching pros from Dicks Sporting Goods is truly a sad day for the golf industry. They claim to be restructuring the company and attribute the layoff to decreased sales in golf equipment. What about the Taylormades they bought and can’t sell? Or the three different models of Ping and that god forsaken putter coral? They own Golf Galaxy as well. FOCUS people. Golf manufacturers are responding to the demand from the “Joneses” for new sets or gear every 6 months. An average golfer always wants that extra 15 yards to beat his pals when playing a round, or wants to buy a new set every year to have the newest great in the market. Dicks needs to shrink its inventory and focus on what the buyers want and demand. Ideally Dick’s should promote their Golf Galaxy store as the place to get all your golf equipment needs, and minimize the amount of golf equipment offered in the Dick’s store. In Las Vegas there is a small town called Henderson that has a Golf Galaxy and it is quite a shopping paradise for golf enthusiasts. I would recommend it to anyone visiting Vegas. However, no more than a block away is the parent store. Why would you saturate the Henderson market when Vegas is so large? At least shut down the Dicks golf Section and force them to Golf Galaxy store. I think Las Vegas has great golf courses out here, and most locals are not trying to keep up with the Joneses. I have friends that have used the same clubs for ten years and can out drive the best of them. I believe we went away from learning good golf fundamentals and practicing regularly, to relying on our equipment to get better at our game. For that weekend warrior chip in the house with those birdies, put with a putting mat, grab a net for less than $100 and practice. I always recommend ZEPP GOLF. Don’t blame the manufactures on answering the call of the golfer. Blame the golfer who wants that extra 15 yards to come easy, instead of hard work and practicing.

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