How to expand the World of Golf


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I would have to say money is the ongoing issue with the expansion of the game of golf. Yes slow play is a concern but with technology upgrading they with be able to fix this problem soon. The problem with the hole is definitely not the solution. We all love this game; for no matter how long we play and how many outing’s we have had no one has mastered the game. Whether you practice every day or you are the weekend warrior, we need golf because it puts us in check in life. Simply said, that no matter how well you do in life, golf this is one part we can’t to seem to master. Is there a solution? Well top brands do have starter editions clubs, yet ball manufactures need to catch up (Monsta Golf addresses this matter). Everything else is a luxury in the game. We need more of a membership mentality when it comes to golf courses and not the $25,000 types but for the average Joe making around 40,000 and year and wants to take up this expensive sport. I might lessen this powerful message but at we have clubs for all ages and price ranges. Why? Because we want everyone to try golf and enjoy it. I can’t speak about other cities but here in LAS VEGAS Sway Golf is going to every public golf course and asking for package deals for those visiting Las Vegas, so Vegas Golf can be top five in the country. In short we as a golf industry have a duty to expand the game and allow the small guy in, so that we will have a reason to be around in the future. With that said, can book tee times in every state. Every time you book with Sway you can earn rewards towards Vegas rentals and become part of TEAM SWAY.