swaygolfWin Detergent

SwayGolf takes Win detergent for a Spin. Have you ever smelled your expensive golf or gym shirt? You spent a lot of money on them, and now it’s for the trash? You wash and wash yet nothing works. What could be the problem? Do you need a new Washer or is it time to clean the washer? Is your detergent not working. You have a problem and can’t find the solution. The SwayGolf Weekend Warriors has found the solution so you can win the battle. The answer is WIN Detergent.



The new technology in clothing has made traditional cleaning methods ineffective against the trapped bacteria, oils, and dirt. The NEW WIN PRODUCTS LLC has found the answer with WIN. We have tried Win detergent in several different Sway family homes for a few weeks, and here are the results.

One Member went as far to say that he was going to toss his favorite golf polo, and figured he would give WIN a shot, what was the worst that could happen. The member said that after a few washes the smell of the shirt was no more, and the polo felt even like new. The team found overall the product did deliver as promise.

Another member was lucky to get the chance to use WIN Green Detergent. The Sway Member said that with their sensitive skin finding a product that can clean and use eco-friendly chemical is truly a tough task. Do you need a fragrance, and Dye soap? Are you an Eco-minded person? Then WIN Green detergent is your treasure chest. The WIN Green Detergent meets both these requirements and is everything that the Orginal WIN is.

The overall performance of WIN and WIN Green meet every test we threw at it. If you would like to purchase to try it for yourself, you can find a retailer on their site  http://www.windetergent.com/

Disclosure of Material Connection: Sway Exec Holdings LTD received Win Detergent for free from NEW WIN PRODUCTS LLC in consideration for a gear review.